sing sweet, nightengale

by sherfille

Tick, tock, tick goes the coo-coo clock. 

It’s happening again, my mind rambling in a thousand different directions as I have this sudden urge to just talk, and talk, and talk.  And normally, I wouldn’t mind a good stream of consciousness spree but it’s 2:35 am and no one has the time or energy to listen to a college student speak utter nonsense when they could be happily sleeping. I could be happily sleeping.

Instead I’m sitting here, typing away every pointless thought that transfigures. Time check, 2:39 am. Not to mention, I need motivation to do my math homework. I don’t know why — I’m not doing what I’m supposed too. I’m blatantly avoiding it because – because  I don’t know. It’s that I don’t understand, I’m just not trying.  How do we fix that again?


Love, beauty, youth. What you want, what you need, what you feel. Or at least, those are the results I seem to get every time I stare at the cross word puzzle. I’ll explain later, but one word answer should do it : tumblr.


There’s a girl on my floor who has an obnoxious boyfriend. Now our floor has one, united public enemy.  In other words: leave and never come back you twat.


I don’t know how to manage my time well, not at all. I try planning it out but my personality can only take so much of organization or color-coding. Can’t we just all have day to relax? A day to sleep in? A day to ourselves? 

Does that make me selfish or lazy?


I miss my dog. I miss the feeling for fur, soft puppy ears, wet nose, and rough paws. I miss sitting on the wooden floor in the kitchen, next to my dog, while staring out the window to soak in some sunlight.

I miss laying in  bed and watching the sun set; counting down until the light in my room disappears into complete darkness.

I miss warmth.


It had been months since I thought about you… unfortunately I broke that streak about, a week ago? I hope you’re doing well, or at least, I hope the pictures don’t lie.


Time check, 2:49 am


Sleep, I need sleep.

I also need hell to freeze over and let me pass out for a few good hours so I’m not struggling to get up in the morning or to sleep at night.


I can’t stay awake any longer, I can’t.

And the fact that I have to get up tomorrow morning for my math class is either pure irony or horrible fate.


Wanna know a secret? M’not sleepy, not one bit but it’s almost 3am and aren’t we all liars?

Good night world.

Or rather, good morning.